To Promote the Common Business Interests of the Association’s Members.


Community Service Committee
Educate North Carolina consumers on the responsible use of credit and the fundamentals of financial literacy through educational workshops. Develop and present education materials on budgeting and personal financial management to provide members of the North Carolina community with know-how to be informed financial consumers

Olga Ivanushko
(919) 688-1000 ext. 1417

Develop education programs for NCCBA members on topics relevant to the practice of creditors’ rights law.  Develop education programs to be presented by NCCBA members to educate others on the laws and procedures applicable to the creditors’ rights practice.  Develop and present programs to promote financial literacy in North Carolina.

Hannah Kays
(919) 250-2103

Governance (Legal) Committee 
Maintain consistency between the activities of the NCCBA and its governing documents.  Prepare and propose amendments to the Bylaws and Purpose and Basic Policies as needed.

Governmental Affairs Committee
Monitor legislation and regulation at both the state and national levels which affect NCCBA members’ practice areas and their clients.  Advocate on behalf of NCCBA members and their clients before legislative and judicial bodies.  Prepare legislation to address the needs of and provide benefits to NCCBA members and their clients.  Participate in relevant judicial actions by preparing amicus briefs where needed to protect or clarify legal interpretations of importance to NCCBA members and their clients.

Charles Euripides
(704) 817-8301​

Develop and execute various means to promote membership in the NCCBA.  Annually send dues renewal notices to current members and membership invitations to former and potential members.  Review and approve/reject applications for membership.   Review situations of possible non-compliance by NCCBA members with the policies and procedures of the NCCBA, and recommend appropriate action thereto.

Danny Brader
(919) 229-9374

Nominating Committee
Establish and oversee the process for timely nominating officers and directors.  Oversee the process for conducting annual elections of officers and directors.

Public Relations 
Promote the NCCBA and its members in the media.  Identify and encourage participation by NCCBA members in events where the interests of NCCBA members and their clients may be promoted and furthered.

Enhance, update and maintain website, including ListServe.

Pamela Keenan
(919) 719-2408

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